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This shows how we sent one client 5 new customers a day over the last 90 days.

Just counting the prospects that requested driving directions and nothing else, we sent this client 451 new customers to her front door in the last 90 days.

That is 5 people per day

With a $100.00 initial offer

This cost her about 10% of her total sales as opposed to half.

So with the same exact amount of customers coming from Groupon in the last 90 days, it would of cost her $27,060 to service to all 451 people

Using the same $100 dollar offer – She pocketed an extra $27,060 from Google And kept the entire $45,100 generated from Organic marketing

Not including YouTube video, Yelp reviews, Facebook organic or EMAIL (which she now has an active list of 650 people 📧 )

She is now in the process of opening a third location doesn’t rely on Groupon as a silent partner anymore

And now has a reliable system for turning prospective customers into buyers.

YouTube is actually owned by Google so by having Youtube videos linking back to your website will lead to more vistors to your website resulting in more customers

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