Local Business owners: Do you associate failure on yelp based on negative reviews or Your experience with their Paid ads?

Is your website the hub for all your 5 star reviews online?
I read a study recently that said increasing just half a star on your Yelp page could increase your business by 19%
I can vouch for this
I successfully showed dozens of local business how to double and triple their inbound calls from sites like yelp, without spending a dime on ads.
What most business don’t realize is yelp’s a very powerful social network.
Unfortunately most business are not aware that yelp works similar to Facebook

And many falsely associate success or failure based on their experience with paid advertising- which is a BIG Mistake

99.9% of all business generated on yelp is based solely on the reviews.

If i can show you how to leverage the positive reviews to make your website the hub of all online activity. Would you listen? πŸ€”

Online reviews are the new Word Of Mouth πŸ‘„
Most business owners agree Word of Mouth is the most effective marketing
Followed closely by referrals
Referral marketing is powerful because it’s β™₯️
  • 1:1 (one friend to another)
  • Private
  • Finite(not thought of something that can be duplicated easily)
  • Althought powerful its Not really Considered an asset because it’s Not scalable
Review marketing on the other hand is more powerful because it follows the principal of word of mouth except it is

Review marketing is a more powerful, it follows the same principal of word of mouth,

  • Not 1:1 it is 1:1000’s or 10’ of thousands.
  • Public (anyone looking for online will be exposed to it on your website)
  • Perpetual (get a review once, we syndicated to dozens of sites)
  • Asset (if you sell the business, your email list is a asset based on profit it generates)
  • its fully Scalable (by implementing a system for getting emails, reviews & referrals)
  • Syndicate all your best reviews to Google, YouTube, Facebook, social media & Your Website
  • Make your website the hub for all your five star reviews on google, yelp & Facebook.

By Optimizing your website with 5 🌟 reviews, video & images will help to build trust with new prospects and get you more calls from your google listing without people even clicking your site.

πŸ‘‰Re-Using content from powerful sites will✍️

  • Increase your reach on google.
  • Help you show up in tens of thousands of local searches every month.
  • Also
  • We alert you of any negative feedback immediately allowing you reply and keep your high star rating

In the last 90 days, one localπŸ• shop came up in 54,444 Searches on google to a fairly new website and new Google page (conversely they only showed up in 2000 searches last year from yelp- could be 4,000 searches for and extra $750 a month) 🀬

Without paying yelp.. we managed to generated over 2,002 unique visits to the website and 4,008 phone calls plus 251 map requests-

Another client who recently got rid of Groupon (which took 60% on every single sale) allowing her to keep 100% of profit- just opened a brand new location in Boston by making it easy for her customers to leave feedback, she generated two hundred reviews in less than a year without spending any $ on advertising. 100% organic.


Want to learn how to Make your website the hub for all your five star reviews, Dominate Yelp & increase visibility+ get a free YouTube video for a limited time.
our clients see a 8-10% conversion rate from from google locally … So, if you are getting 2- 5% clicks & calls to your GMB- I can help you double that number.
If you are not sure what you are getting now, let’s schedule a 15 minute call.. Well check your google organic conversions and see how we can optimize them which is a MAJORLY critically important because of you can just increase that number by 1% it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your business.
I’ll also show you how to use your website to make your yelp reviews
More sticky
Whether I can help you or not
Either way, just for booking a 15 minute call Get a 60 second YouTube Video that highlights one of your best five star reviews. $ 499.00 value
Let me buy you a hour of my time.. & Ill show you how to leverage Yelp and make your reviews more sticky by turning your website into the center of attention.

If we are not a good fit to work together, you get a 60 second YouTube video to bring attention to your best 5 star review(s)

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And I will PM you with a link to my πŸ“†

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