Would you like to see how some of the most powerful local business use surveys to generate 5 star reviews & syndicate it everywhere?

This marketing strategy is for people who want to get predictable 5 star content on their website, Get more customers & build a brand around a 5 star reputation.

Many business just leave their reputation to chance, but that is like giving your craziest customer editorial control over your website. Not a good idea.

Predictable & reliable leads to your business.

Well what if I told you that there is a way to get your business above the fold in your city without spammy tactics that google doesn’t like all while streamlining your automated review/referral system and building your brand around your best 5 star reviews.

“ Sounds Complicated. How?”

Reputation Marketing: we deployed this strategy successfully in local restaurants, exhaust franchise, auto repair and Autobody shops, and a new day spa recently with staggering result.

Last quarter just one of my clients a “mom & pop” pizza place generated over 6,000 leads in 90 days.
54,444 impression on google alone (not including Facebook) with ZERO AD Spend- all 100% organic

Another client that I helped her DOUBLE her profit in her main location by eliminating Groupon (60%of every sale) and Yelp ($850 per month for only 200 IMPRESSIONS a Month) from her business. I helped brand new location on Newbury at Boston ranked #2 in google with this strategy for the past year since she opened.they have about 30 competitors in the same city.

If you would like to get an extra 5-10 people in your store and use a proven system for turning them customers into long term clients and referrals..
I would love to chat with you about your local marketing strategy.
For a limited time, I am giving away a $499 Reputation Marketing video that is designed to highlight your best 5 star review you have online (whether it is filtered or not) Zero charge. All I ask is a 5 star review if you are happy with the result and 15-20 minutes of your time to see if we would be a good fit to work together.
If you have a good reputation in real life but your online reviews do not accurately reflect your online reputation, I can bridge that gap for you .

I’ve helped hundreds of local business get their best five star reviews in front a MUCH Larger audience than they pay for (especially if they are using Yelp, for instance)

Sometimes 10 -15 times more people than they pay a lot of money for.
If this is something you would like to know more about, then this is a great time to book a consult.
Because you do, you will get a free $499 video with a spokesmodel standing in front of your shop or business and highlighting your best review (even if that review is filtered on yelp)
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • SEO Optimized
  • Embedded to your Website
  • Syndicated to Social Media
you have a opportunity to get this review video made for YouTube, syndicated to LinkedIn, Facebook, your website and save $499.
I’ll even make one specifically for your Facebook cover, extra $99 cost (because I have to duplicate the entire video to fit your Facebook cover)
Video Marketing is one of the most under utilized tool for local businesses.
I scanned over 7,000 local websites this week and I found that less than 1 in 10 use YouTube to help their visibility in local searches.
And the few that do, Less than half use it for testimonials.
Facebook video is growing but YouTube is #1-
YouTube is very powerful because they are owned by Google. by optimizing your video for local & embedding them to Your website.. that will help customers see your best review(s) searching. it’ll help more people find you .
Very limited offer.
I have some extra time I purchased last month for studio, so this video will cost you nothing and will give you a better idea, if we are a good fit to work together, exactly the method we use to pour rocket fuel on Your local business listing & social media pages
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1 per person – not for existing clients – must have more good reviews than bad review online to qualify..